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Feel Safe with a Walk & a Smile

My Commitment to Your Safety

A Walk & a Smile is committed to offering tours in a safe and responsible manner.  Following is what you can currently expect from a Walk & a Smile, as well as what we ask of our guests:

What You Can Expect From a Walk & a Smile 

  • I will wear a mask at the start of all tours.  I will remove my mask when we are outdoors.  If you would prefer I wear a mask at all times, do not hesitate to ask--your comfort level is what is most important to me.

  • I will limit tours to a maximum of 10 guests and myself, except upon special request. This may be just your family or you and those who you have invited into your circle. This limits exposure to others for everyone’s safety. 

  • Each day on which I have tours scheduled I will perform a personal health assessment, including temperature check. If I am feeling ill or have a temperature, I will contact you immediately to reschedule.  If I have to cancel your tour due to health reasons, you will receive a full refund should we not be able to reschedule.

What a Walk & a Smile Asks of Our Guests 

  • Guests who are fully vaccinated may refrain from wearing a mask with the following caveats:  

    • Individual sites and businesses may still require mask usage in order to enter.  I ask that all guests respect and comply with the policies of the sites and businesses we may visit.

    • Masks are still required on public transportation

  • If you are feeling ill or have a fever, you will contact a Walk & a Smile to reschedule or cancel your tour. There will be no penalty for this and should we not be able to reschedule you will receive a full refund. 

  • Some businesses are requiring proof of vaccination.  Guests are advised to carry their vaccination card or a photo of it with them in the event that a business requires this.

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